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Presentation Skills (2 days)

One of the most important skills one can obtain in business is the ability to present well. We use the word obtain because it is a skill that few are born with, but is needed in all aspects of business. Presentation Skills is a two-day course that teaches the skills necessary for effectively speaking in public and give powerful presentations. Beyond learning presentation skills, participants get extensive practice with specific feedback on strengths and weaknesses. In addition, video recordings of several speaking performances allow each participant to accurately see their own abilities with the help of expert analysis. Key elements of the course include:

Non-Verbal Skills
• Eye-contact; Facial expressions
• Gestures; Stance/body position
• Appearance

Verbal Skills
• Voice; Pausing; Non-words
• Humor
• Questioning skills

Using the Room
• Anchor points/movement
• Using slides
• Room configuration

Group Dynamics
• Group norms; Roles
• Membership & participation
• Group conflict
• The problem child
• Keeping on track

Visual aids

Creating a presentation