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Leadership Dynamics (2 days)

Organizations are only as good as their leaders. Leadership is not bestowed because of a position of authority, it is earned and bestowed by those who are to be led. Great leaders are not just born, they can gain the skills to become the best they can be, and this is the course that will set them on the right path. From executive teams to front line managers this training is vital to your organization’s success. Key elements of the course include:

Core Values
   • A Leader defined
   • Core Values of Leadership
   • Leadership Characteristics

Behaviors of Effective Leaders
   • 8 key Leadership behaviors
   • Modeling behaviors
   • Examining your strengths and weakness

Leadership Roles
   • Roles determined by situation
   • Defining 4 key leadership roles
   • Matching behaviors to roles

The Leadership Process
   • Defining iterative Leadership process
   • Putting it all together: behaviors, roles, process

Performance Management
   • Driving continuous improvement
   • Performance reviews

Fostering Creativity and Innovation
   • Creating the proper environment
   • Turning ideas into reality