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Training is vital to any organization. From employee and customer retention to increasing effectiveness and attaining goals, everyone needs to have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Great training is the secret weapon a of truly successful business. At BKP Creative, we pride ourselves on becoming YOUR secret weapon. We understand your business. With over 25 experience in the business world and in technology, our instructor-led courses, online learning design, creation and implementation are simply the best.
Give us the chance to become the difference in your business. You’ll be glad you did!

“I have used Barry’s training extensively over the past few years with two different companies. The concepts he teaches and the way they are delivered have been perfect for my teams and have made a measurable difference. I would strongly recommend his training for anyone looking to improve their own individual skill set as well as for your extended teams if you are a people manager. You just can’t afford to pass this training up!”
–Jeff Hunsaker, VP, Head of Customer Success
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If you want your training to be online, elearning technology can be daunting… but not here. We take care of all that with mobile friendly, state-of-the-art streaming.
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In the end, the transfer of knowledge and skills is the goal. Content is king and we flat out do it well – really, we do.
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We are your one stop shop for producing amazing learning, whether you want custom instructor-led content, one of our proven courses or online. We’ve got you covered.
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Free Samples

Who doesn’t like a free sample? We’re serving up three free training modules for you to get a feel for what our courses are like. We do customer courses too, of course.
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Don’t think you have the money or time to improve your skills?

It’s not as if your business depends on it… wait. The truth is, having the right skill set is the difference between success and failure. Beyond that, retaining good people both at the corporate level and in the field is vital to your companies survival. Getting your team to have success quickly is the ONLY sustainable way to grow your business. And with the right skills, success can and will be sustained. So what are you waiting for? Here’s what we have to offer…

Why choose us?

  • Strong industry knowledge to know how to help your business
  • Excelling script and training writing ability
  • Video filming and editing
  • Computer animation to enhance video production
  • Whiteboard animation creation
  • Voice over capability
  • Technology expertise to host and deliver your training online

At BKP Creative, we bring all the moving parts
                    of elearning together!

BKP Creative Give You the Edge You Need

The world has gone digital for many things. We get it. In fact, we excel at it. Your internal employees as well as your customer base need the skills necessary to not just survive, but thrive. They crave knowledge and expertise to grow their business and yours,
but they don’t want it like the way things used to be. They want in online, they want it fast, they want it short. Get in, get what you need and get out. The Internet and social media have shortened people’s attention span, while increasing their expectations to get what they need, when they need it. Nothing more, nothing less. At BKP Creative we create phenomenal elearning. It’s engaging, relevant, and pithy… just like your people want. We can do this for you because we have a strong history of doing it for others. Let’s talk. We’ll make it short, but worth it… just like our training.